Digital Fabric Printing Process

Digital Textile Printing is the technology that consists of printing your designs on fabric, directly from your computer, with no other additional step. This means that after you are finished creating your designs, and once you have them in repeat, you can print on fabric just like you print on paper. It is considered to be the next generation printing and is different from Traditional Textile Printing. The only requirement of the Digital Textile Printing is that the fabrics which have to be used must be pre-treated to confirm about their ink holding capacity. Apart from this, a wide range of colors can also be obtained through the pre-treatment process.

Digital printing is more environmentally friendly than other traditional screen-printing methods because you are printing the exact amount of ink/dyes needed to print directly on the fabric through the direction of Printer settings. There is minimal to no waste cleanup, which means every drop is printed on demand from the exact amount of yardage and coverage needed. Digital fabric printing saves water and the environment.

Our Most Popular Printing Fabrics

The concept of digital printing on fabrics is very advantageous, With our Latest technology we can bring Photo Realistic images in Fabrics like 100% Cotton Fabric, Cotton - Lycra Blend, Cotton - Viscose Blended Fabric, Our Digital Printer is capable of producing realistic images in both Knitted and Woven Fabrics. It Brings your Imagination to reality on fabrics.

This technology uses large format digital inkjet printers. Practically it is the same technique used by desk top inkjet printers to print paper.The process is not only time effective but also cost effective. Permits customers to control the design and printing process from remote locations. Eliminates color registration of plates or screens.Facilitates the increase in the number of fashion seasons. Prints directly from easily stored, transmitted, and transported computer files. Reduces the space necessary for archiving art, films, plates, and screens. Reduces proofing time from weeks to hours, thus accelerating design and product development.

Roll to Roll Digital Fabric Printing

We offer Roll to Roll digital fabric printing with the help imported Mimaki JV5 Blanket system in 8 color ink mode to Garment and Home Textile industry. Our Mimaki JV5 digital printers with Blanket system can print 1000 square meter per day in roll form. Both post and pre fabric treatment is done by us. JV5 series offers fabric digital print in a super wide solution for direct printing on 100% Cotton or blended fabrics. The Mimaki JV5 prints high quality graphics at high speeds up to 60.3 sqm/h.

Design Services

Our highly qualified designers, can assist you in all of your design needs. Have an idea or artwork, but need it developed and prepared for digital printing? our highly skilled design team can create repeat patterns, ready for printing, from your artwork or any reference you have.They can retouch, alter existing designs, develop coordinate patterns, or create designs simply from your instructions and according to your needs.